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“Feet-up Holidays” a trusted brand in resort management, manages multiple reosrt.

Feet up holidays a trusted brand in resort management, manages multiple resorts.

Chira Meadows Eco resort in Dapoli has Kokan style cottages & Kokan style food. The picturesque cottages are surrounded by gardens where small water fountains surge and spurt all day helping to beat the summer heat. All the rooms are neat as a pin, spacious and equipped with complimentary tea /coffee makers and intercom connectivity. Our courteous staff will strain every nerve to make you feel comfortable.

Moreover Chira Meadows Eco resort is just the place for sea-food-lovers. Gorge on some real fresh catches; from the sea to your plate…with just a short cooking time in our kitchen! If you are vegetarian, you are sure to enjoy toothsome local delicacies prepared with freshly picked vegetables. The delicious alphonso mangoes during the summer season make dining at Chira Meadows an Ambrosial experience.

Eat stay enjoy!

Haven’t made a holiday plan as yet? Don’t worry. Happiness is just a click away and Konkan is calling……!

You could plan a family holiday in Dapoli which is only 190 kms from Pune and around 230kms from Mumbai!! It is just a 5 hour drive from these cities. So you get all the enjoyment you get in Goa at one third the distance and driving time! Furthermore a Dapoli venture will be easy on your pocket too. Wondering what you will do in Dapoli? Well, beach lovers can soak in the sea at the crystal clear virgin beaches which are also safe. The Kolthare beach is at a stone’s throw from our 12 Villa Virgin Winds resort, Dapoli. You could plan forest trails with your family or just loll in our beautiful Virgin Winds Villa resort taking in the beauty of the mountain that stands just behind our villa resort. You can also have a capital time playing indoor games with your kids.

Chira Meadows and Virgin Winds, Dapoli look forward to make your family holiday memorable.

Freedom from pollution!

Freedom from pollution

Escape from the city and landup at our resort in Dapoli.

 resort in Dapoli

Come and enjoy the bliss of solitude, the nearness of the sea, authentic Maharashtrian food and plenty of fun things to do at ‘Virgin Winds Villa Resort’ in Dapoli. Virgin Winds resort  in Dapoli , one of the properties managed by Feet-Up Holidays, is an enchanting holiday destination. Here you can make the most of your short break with your family, friends…and what’s more…you can even carry your pet along! This pet friendly resort is situated just 900 metres from the exquisite and safe Kothare beach. So let your hair down and get the once in a life time experience of enjoying the downpour of rain on the beautiful Kolthare beach.
Here you shall experience a luxurious stay at an air conditioned villa with the green forest backdrop in a homely atmosphere. What’s more….this holiday destination boasts of a beautiful garden with barbeque facility! The coconut plantation or ‘wadi’ is an awesome place to while away your leisure. You can loll on the hammocks or join your children as they dart out towards the dart-board or engage in ladder climbing or rifle shooting. A game of cards or carom is also a nice idea for bonding on a vacation with family and friends. We will be happy to assist Green enthusiasts to connect with the local people who arrange forest walk. This villa resort  in Dapoli is also an excellent place to plan a family or corporate event. Consisting of twelve villas this peaceful villa resort is an ideal location to host an event.
So pack your bag and don’t forget to pack your beach clothes! Grab that much needed break and pump in fresh oxygen.Stay amazed while Nature unveils her splendour and create memories that will freshen you up for days to come.

Save Environment! Save Earth!

Save Environment! Save Earth

We @ Feet-up Holidays manage multiple resorts.

Save Environment

If you have been procrastinating your holiday plans just because you had neither time nor the budget needed for an exotic holiday you need to rethink. A short break is easy on the pocket and can give you just the breather you need from your mundane routine. A short holiday with your family or a two-day reunion with friends or relatives at a charming resort nearby may be all you need to rejuvenate your bodyand soul; after all we need just a pinch of spice to add flavor to our life, don’t we?

Stop building castles in the air…build them with your children on the beaches around Dapoli! Click photographs while they splash in the crystal clear water at the Kolthare beach. Come and explore the ethnic Kokani life at Dapoli! We needn’t wait to fly across the world in search of happiness; it is often found right in our backyard! Virgin winds and Chira Meadows resorts at Dapoli offer you this very happiness at a reasonable price. While you can enjoy a luxurious holiday at Virgin Winds you can experience a ‘Green Vacation’ at Chira Meadows eco resort. So if you can hear the sea calling … just click the button!

‘More’ is often ‘Merrier’! Extend the joy of celebrating a vacation, with your friends! Devgandhar, our cozy bungalow in Panchgani, welcomes you and your friends with open arms! Come along and set our five bedroom bungalow, its hall and patio buzzing with activity! This picturesque bungalow can house around thirty people at one time.

Feet Up Holidays is synonymous to consistent standards. Each of our holiday resorts is well maintained with constant standards of neatness and hygiene. So enjoy the lush green surroundings while you have a comfortable stay at our resorts. Relish delicious food in the ethnic ambiance and chill out to your heart’s content.

Where Work and Play are Buddies

Work and play

‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!’ Although this axiom is true, often our work keeps us too busy to think of a Short-Break. If only work and play or Vacation could go hand in hand! Wouldn’t it be an excellent win-win situation? At Feet Up Holidays we decided to create opportunities for Corporates to blend work with leisure. ‘Feet up Holidays’ is a brand name in resort management. Our resorts at Panchgani and Dapoli are enchanting places with conference-friendly infrastructure so that corporates can hold Conferences or Training Sessions amidst an enchanting panorama.

Our Chirameadows Eco Resort, situated among lovely meadows near Dapoli, boasts of a well-equipped Conference Hall. Corporates can experience a traditional environment in this resort made from Red Chira stone. The resort displays a lawn and a Gazebo with ample open space where an array of Team-Building activities can be carried out.

Our Virgin Winds Villa Resort, Kolthare – Dapoli, is a majestic location for Corporate Events too. With ample open space around it, it is just the place to organise outdoor Team-Building Activities. A walk in our extensive coconut plantation at Virgin Winds Villa Resort and the mind is sure to get rejuvenated; won’t be surprising if you get one of those rare brainwaves among these mystic surroundings. The enchanting resort is only 900 m from the scenic Kolthare Beach; so when a hard day comes to an end, corporate personnel can take a walk along the sea-shore watching the sun set or even enjoy a dip in the water. The barbecue facilities in the garden would enhance the significance of a day well-spent.
Think Feet Up Holidays think Consistency! The hospitability, cleanliness and service at each of our resorts are sure to surpass your expectations! So when it is Feet Up Holidays it is rest assured! Come and experience the magic in work and leisure!


Think Family Holidays.Think Feetup

Family Holidays

Feet Up Holidays, a brand-name in multiple resort management has been welcoming holiday-makers to picturesque destinations which our guests call ‘homes away from home’! Our charming Villa Resorts in Dapoli and Panchgani have been creating memorable Family Holidays. Feet Up Holidays is now a word that is tantamount to consistent standards of cleanliness, delicious cuisine and an eco-friendly psyche. Our guests drive to our resorts, soak in the ambiance, bask in our hospitality and return home rejuvenated; the happy memories that are created often go a long way in family bonding. So if you are looking for a Weekend Getaway our well-maintained resorts are homes you would look forward to return to after having a gala time in the beaches around Dapoli or strawberry-shopping in Panchgani. Just as our resorts are ideal Short Holiday Destinations they are also excellent for a vacation, family celebration or friends’ reunion. They are also the right spots for planning family events like destination celebrations including weddings, anniversaries and many more. So drive down to our resorts in Panchgani and Dapoli and Enjoy Your Holiday With Your Family; magic unfolds when you plan Short Break For Family in the Feet Up style!
As we actually enjoyed every bit of giving you the Feet-Up experience at the domestic level we thought about spreading our wings wider and decided to go International! Feet Up Holidays would now be happy to welcome you on a lavish vacation in Pattaya, Thailand! Our exclusive Service Apartments In Pattaya are in the heart of the city and stands only 1 km away from the Jomtien beach. It is a secure and cosy snuggery with two luxurious swimming pools, a fully equipped rooftop gymnasium and a rooftop garden park.
Within a radius of 2 kms from our service apartment you can find everything from Finnish style sauna facilities to daily utilities. We will be glad to help you arrange customised packaged tours for Pattaya along with the rest of Thailand. Enjoy a luxurious Stay in Pattaya at our lavish Service Apartments!

Corporate Events at Panchgani

Corporate Events at Panchgani

Feet Up Holidays, a brand name in resort management has been helping Corporates to attain that much-needed ‘time-out’ while at work! Our multiple-resorts at Panchgani and Dapoli, welcome corporates with open arms providing havens where corporates can experience exclusivity in both work as well as recreation.

Corporate Events at Panchgani

Our Bungalow resort, nested in the alpine Panchgani, is only 108 km from Pune and around 250 km from Mumbai. With luxurious indoor and outdoor space around it, it is a picturesque emblem of elegant luxury. What makes it irresistible to corporates is the fact that it has a distinct, fully equipped conference hall that can comfortably house around 20 people; the air-conditioned conference hall is all complete with a screen as well as customised seating arrangement. This elite conference hall that is right within the premises of the bungalow resort goes a long way in promising personal-space to your group of corporate personnel rendering a wonderful feeling of entirety and exclusivity. The bungalow boasts of a spacious living room with a carpet area of 650 sq. feet that is more than an Incentive for Team-Building Activities that are sure to unlock Human Excellence. The extensive indoor and outdoor space is ideal for Training sessions, M.I.C.E, Brain storming sessions or any other corporate activity.

The separate dining hall and the amazing cuisine served to suit your palate are cherries on the cake. The five commodious bed-rooms are as neat as a bandbox and as cosy as home. To make a long story short, Feet-Up Holidays’ Panchgani Bungalow Resort has all the prerequisites to conduct corporate events at Panchgani and realise the concept of #IslandToMainland. Besides, the climate of Panchgani being cool and favourable throughout the year, it is one of the most sought after locations.

At Feet Up Holidays we manage multiple resorts so you are sure to find the same warmth, standards of hygiene and maintenance and excellent food in any of our resorts. Feet Up Holidays is tantamount to consistent standards.