About Us

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About us

As a company Stonewood Ventures Pvt. Ltd , a pune based company, sees itself as a multidisciplinary team of professionals steadfastly working towards one goal – to develop elegant, ecological & economical projects for the evolving planet. From Land Development to Landscape designing, Resorts to Reconstruction & Homes to Hospitality, you will experience a matrix of services, all under one roof. We own a brand named Feet-up Holidays, through which we promote , market and manage resorts.

Our endeavor is Solutions…not Servicing. Intuitive and inventive practices, enabling things to work more seamlessly & brilliantly is our dream!

Our Forte

Stonewood Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
A subject of our passion!!
Executing projects is like putting together infinite pieces of a complex jigsaw. Residential spaces, restaurants, resorts and retail spaces each come with its own requisites and aesthetics. Our team of designers and consultants enter into a collaborative process with individuals, project developers and builders to map aspirations, budgets and purpose. We pride in this tight rope walk, when it is about getting all, form, fashion and function right!!

Our Verticals

Interior Design
We design interior environment and structures of multi utility functionality for residential and commercial places. The most interesting houses and work places have their owner’s stamp on them. Our expertise enable us to identify interior design trends , make definitive predictions about new trends and innovations and influence planning and design guide lines at a grass roots level. We ofter  complete interior design services.

Resort Management
Here we manage multiple resorts at multiple locations. We manage the operations, sales & marketing for the resorts. We believe that small and mid-size resorts can contribute in a big way to the tourism industry. These resorts need a professional help to manage the resort, increase footfalls and promote the resort to make it profitable. As a hotel and resort management company we manage and market such resorts  under the brand name of Feet-up holidays.

Resort Development
Here we as a resort development company develop new resorts , renovate existing resorts/hotels and upgrade resorts/hotels completely. Our target clients are exactly those resorts/hotels who need ultimate solutions with a long vision.

Our Directors



Experience of more than 25years in the field of Hospitality and logistics. As a commerce graduate from Mumbai has worked as profit centre head with few esteemed organisations .Worked as regional head for Mahindra Holidays. Empowered with an excellent communication skills and managing teams. Heads the resort management division of Stonewood.



Experience of more than 15 years in the field of advertising. A post Graduate in marketing, has worked in news paper industry in advertising in Mumbai. Excellent experience in hard core sales and marketing. With an apt knowledge of advertising mediums. Heads the sales and marketing division of Stonewood.



Experience of more than twenty years in design industry, business management, operations, retail, Masters in Design with a Diploma in Fashion design as an additional qualification. Heads the Interior Design division of Stonewood.