Amaranth- (Murud-Dapoli) Konkan – your seashore getaway in coconut groves!

Posted By IntDomResorts on Feb 27, 2020

Amaranth- (Murud-Dapoli) Konkan – your seashore getaway in coconut groves!

Relaxing on the beach? Checked. Beautiful natural seashore to roam around? Checked.
Quality time with family? Checked.

Welcome to Amaranth – your answer to finding the best hotels in murud dapoli.
Amaranth- (Murud-Dapoli) Konkan

Our resort welcomes you with a fresh sea-facing host of luxury cottages and deluxe rooms. With access to seashore directly from the resort, you are always in touch with nature.

If you are someone who loves to play Holi in nature, Amaranth is a perfect place for it! With access to clean beaches of murud and serene environment, you can enjoy the festival of colour in the most eco-friendly way!

With your family, you can enjoy the murud beach with a host of amenities. We provide wheelchair access, and our resort is known for catering to a wide range of clients. Some of them carried the infants with the age of a few months to someone whose parents of 96- years of age, both clients were delighted to find our resort super clean.

We at Feet up Holidays, love to take care of nature, and you will find the evidence in the way we have designed, constructed and maintained Amaranth resort. We have preserved the natural features of the place, such as golden sand dunes which simmer with sunlight and the coconut groves where you can wander to your heart’s content.

We are one of the best resorts in murud dapoli because of the clean and serene environment we provide to our elite guests. You will find Amaranth quiet, joyful experience whether you are staying with family or with friends.

Enjoy authentic Kokani delicacies prepared fresh in our on-the-premise restaurant. Be it a veg preparation or fishes caught and prepared, you will find the serving mouth-watering. Murud beach also contains a range of water sports nearby the resort, so your stay with us will remain a joyful memory with you forever. You can always feel the presence of the sea because the resort is situated on the beach!

With summer vacations calling you out, Amaranth gives you a perfect reason to break the routine. We welcome you to check out our gallery to see more picks and don’t forget to read our guest’s feedback!

If you are searching for resorts in murud dapoli beach to spend a refreshing time with your friends or with your family, Amaranth will provide you with that experience. So far, we are proud to say that since the time we started this resort, we have received zero complaints from our customers.