Be in nature’s lap in Panchgani, where clouds will play at your feet!

Posted By IntDomResorts on Apr 18, 2020

Be in nature’s lap in Panchgani, where clouds will play at your feet!

When you can see five mountain ranges, feel the expanse of the valley, when you can enjoy the breeze swooning in the jungle, you will be sure that you are in Panchgani.

Be in nature’s lap in Panchgani, where clouds will play at your feet!

Feet-up holidays are happy to share that our Panchgani sites are situated on the cusp of the valley, just right for a relaxing vacation! Many of our customers prefer a bungalow in panchgani because of its scenic location.

With a bird-eye view of the valley, a comfortable swimming pool, and all-time cool weather, you can surely enjoy your vacation. Our villas in panchgani are equipped to give you a complete vacation experience. You can enjoy the cool shades of trees, growing near the bungalow, or you can enjoy the spacious garden, giving you a view of the valley at the same time. Enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by clouds! Almost throughout the year, you can enjoy the cool breeze and clouds playing hide and seek with you! All our sites have spacious rooms and comfortable amenities to make your stay pleasant.

You can visit all the beautiful sites of Panchgani from here. The famous “table land” is the second-highest volcanic plateau in Asia! You can see the mesmerizing water of Dhom Dam, and get caught up in the vast expanse of mountains surrounding you! With so many beautiful places to visit, you can pick and choose your favourites at your leisure. With a strawberry garden nearby, you can enjoy the sweet journey!

There is a mapro garden nearby, where you can enjoy many delicacies prepared from strawberries. You can also visit other famous points like Sydney Point, Parsi Point or Devil’s Kitchen. There are various small places to visit in Panchgani, where you can enjoy your day.

Our bungalow in panchgani is located at just the right place from the bus stand and other essential points so that you can stay connected. Also, you can enjoy your veg/non-veg food here as we do provide both options. You may be a small group of people, wishing to enjoy the serenity of the place or you may be having a group of ten to twenty people. Our villas in panchgani can handle either of the requirements with ease.

You can enjoy some in-house activities, enjoy the swimming pool or just enjoy the beauty surrounding you! There are just too many reasons to miss out coming to Panchgani! So, either plan a 1-day trip or a five-day vacation, the choice is yours. But one thing is sure you will have a memorable experience, and you will want to come back again to enjoy it!