Do you want to relax on the backwater of a dam, in the serene, quiet atmosphere?

Posted By IntDomResorts on Apr 3, 2020

Do you want to relax on the backwater of a dam, in the serene, quiet atmosphere?

If you are searching for weekend getaways near pune, our resorts are within 60kms of Pune! If you want to plan a quick one day stay picnic spot near pune, then this is a perfect opportunity for you!

Do you want to relax on the backwater of a dam, in the serene, quiet atmosphere?

In these times, what you can do when you don’t have a long holiday in office? Don’t worry, you can still get a refreshing break and that too in a short period of one or two days! Feet-up holidays are happy to share that we have resorts situated near Pune, where you can plan a one-day trip to chill with friends/groups/family. You can schedule a stay in one of the luxurious and spacious villas or in a bamboo hut/tent to feel the excitement!

Our Casaurina resort near bhor welcomes you to a quiet, sprawling site of 2 acres greenery, situated on the backwater of Bhatghar dam ! Enjoy the flow of water, the wind humming its tunes and trees swooning in joy, where you can relax in various types of accommodations.

Many of our guests loved the view of the waterfront, ample space for children and adults to play outdoor games and a clean, hygienic experience that is part of Feet-up culture in all our resorts. You are welcome to view pictures from our gallery page, to give you an idea of spacious amenities you can have in our resorts. Bougainvilla resort near bhor is an
excellent choice for a holiday near pune.

Bougainvilla resort near bhor, is our another offering with a 100 acres of view, one side it is water and on another side Mountain at backdrop! Many of our guests prefer to come again and again, each time exploring and experiencing different sides of nature!

With a variety of accommodations, lush green sites, star-studded nights, this is a top-rated weekend getaways near pune! You can enjoy the acres and acres of green treasures, a lake full of reflections of heavens or simply sit in shadows and chill! You can bring your friends with you for outdoor gaming, or have memorable family time or as a solo traveller, just have your “me time” in our calm, serene resorts.

Maybe, you just got a desire to go out and explore nature, don’t worry, just call us, get in the car, and you can reach our resorts in short time. No need to make extended plans, just come and get refreshed! If you have some time on hand, and you are looking for weekend destinations near pune, it’s effortless. Just call our team or check our website and you are ready to get a refreshing, relaxing holiday.