Enjoy Your Monsoon Getaway with Your Pets

Posted By IntDomResorts on Jul 10, 2017

Enjoy Your Monsoon Getaway with Your Pets At Our Pet Friendly Resorts

‘We were enjoying the cool breeze in the lush green surroundings when suddenly a sea of clouds came sailing right into our patio! We were speechless….we were in the clouds!’

pet friendly resort

Well this mystic place I am describing is not a faraway land. In Devgandhar bungalow resort, Panchgani, clouds are our frequent visitors during monsoon. Devgandhar, a bungalow resort which resembles a fairyland in the rainy season, is situated on a hill at a height of about 1300 meters above sea level. It is the ultimate bungalow resort and a monsoon gateway to endless enjoyment with family and friends. Come monsoon and every leaf comes alive here. Nature lovers are bound to be enthralled by the altering landscapes. If Nature were fashion, Devgandhar, Panchgani, would be Her most vivacious ramp in the monsoons!

Are you a Thalassophile?

Follow the scent we left for you this monsoon till you reach our resorts in Dapoli. Fear not, the roads are safe and Dapoli is accessible even in the monsoons. Enjoy the drive to Dapoli as you encounter waterfalls at every corner and when you reach our resorts you are sure to experience a feeling of homecoming. The drenching downpour in Dapoli is sure to fill you with excitement. Dip your ankles in the sea at the Kolthare beach as it rains in buckets. Feel free to be one with Nature….the Kolthare beach is safe even during monsoons. Our ‘Virgin Winds Villa Resort’ is at a stone’s throw from the Kolthare beach. ‘Chira Meadows’ eco resort is an eco-friendly cottage resort situated in the most beautiful surroundings. Here you can experience the ethnic Konkani life-style as you enjoy your short monsoon break with friends and family. What a setting to spend your short break!

If you are geared up to pass through the monsoon gateway with your family, don’t leave your beloved pet behind! At Feet up holidays: we manage multiple resorts…all of them are pet friendly resorts. So when you have danced yourself mad in the rains you can cuddle up with your pet in our cozy cottage.