Feet-up Holidays weekend getaways near Pune

Posted By IntDomResorts on May 4, 2020

Feet-up Holidays weekend getaways near Pune

Where we take care of hygiene and safety, so you feel at home. Imagine having the luxury of fresh air and fresh food, with a clean, spick and span environment!


Feet-up Holidays weekend getaways near Pune

When it comes to finding clean, green enjoyable weekend destinations near Pune, Feet-up is your reliable partner. We are always following the cleanness protocols 24 x 7, all 12 months. With our spacious resorts of 3 acres area to 5 acres of area, our guests feel relaxed and can follow the social distancing norm very easily!

Our resorts are designed to respect your privacy and safety. That is why, once you enter in your cottage/villa, you can experience complete quarantine effect just with all the luxuries of a resort! So, you get to unwind and get all the benefits of a vacation, without having a fear of mixing with others.

You can get in your vehicle and get in our resorts in 2 hours. So you don’t have to plan much! Just pack your bags and leave! With our green and spacious weekend destinations near Pune, you get to experience fresh air.

We know, the last few days have been stressful to all, and we want to help you relax. Enjoy the amenities our resorts offer and find the freedom you longed for. With a clean, hygienically maintained kitchen, you can enjoy the freshly cooked food prepared on the premise just for you! With worries of daily life left behind, experience the solace and soothing feeling offered by winds! Get immersed in the fresh aroma of greenery surrounding our weekend getaways near Pune.

Feet-up holidays always maintained high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in all our resorts. We want our guests to feel comfortable and safe, the way you welcome your guests in your home! For us, you are our guest in our home, and we want to make your stay enjoyable, comfortable and memorable!

We value each guest’s well being, and our resorts have catered to 9-month old baby and 90+ year young at heart guests also! We are also happy to share that parents of baby and children of our 90+-year-old guest both were delighted with our clean arrangements!

With the comfort of closeness to the Pune city, our resorts are easy to access by road. Whenever you feel you want to take a vacation, contact us on our website/ sales team and you can be on your way!