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From Feet-up Director’s Desk

Posted By IntDomResorts on Jan 15, 2018

From The Director's Desk

Manjushree Soman
Director, Feet-up Holidays


Feelings Speak Finer than Words


I am no Wordsmith but I have a story to share. Although I hesitate to pick up my pen my friends and well-wishers keep encouraging me to share my experiences. So, how do I start ? I think let me start at the very beginning…..
I reminisce my childhood. I was born into a family of live wires. We were all explorers when it came to holiday-making. We set off on a holiday leaving the itinerary behind.  We wished to be spontaneous with our holiday plans….it were as if we were on a blind-date with our location ! We redefined adventure too ! Each destination was an adventure because we saw adventure in all that was diverse. Even as a child I enjoyed exploring different places, different people with their unique culture, dialect, food and professions. It was a hands-on experience in the school called Life.
As a little girl I was an introvert. I was responsive but not very talkative. But as Life would have it I accidentally landed up into the profession of Sales. I guess Life wanted to mentor the communication skills that I had inherited but was unaware of ! As a part of my profession I started meeting new people every day. As I communicated with them I actually started enjoying understanding their mind. This soon grew into an obsession and later became a passion.
When Passion meets Contentment it gives a feeling of Completeness. I was looking for a venture where I could Explore, Create, Interact and Get Satisfaction..all at one time. Childhood memories flashed in front of my eyes. Our holidays had been simple but memorable. Insight came in a flash. I wanted to create places where people could Explore and Experience memorable holidays. My fervour and aspiration consolidated and Feet-Up Holidays was born !

Now I manage multiple resorts and by hosting my guests, I try to look into people’s hearts and discover THEIR concept of a Holiday.
Then I paint their dream holiday with the zeal of an Artist !