Get ready for a monsoon retreat!

Posted By IntDomResorts on Jul 31, 2017

These are a few of my favourite things…

Gushing rain and waterfalls vivid colours of green

Table lands or beaches and the jungles bathed clean….

All the enchanting gifts of monsoon are indeed a few of my favourite things. The pouring rain has been calling again and again and it is time to give in to its entreaty and get ready for a monsoon retreat. As you drive down the road to your destination you won’t help feeling pampered at the grand welcome that Nature has planned for you. The lush green hills with waterfalls gushing down….the whole Earth seems to have come alive….reborn! A short monsoon getaway will surely be a holiday to remember!

monsoon retreat

It is just the time of the year to go off one’s beat and enjoy the rain beating a tattoo on the roof! Now whether you want to let your hair down or put your feet up, Feet Up Holidays offers you three enchanting destinations to enjoy the monsoon retreat to the fullest. Chira Meadows Eco resort in Dapoli, Virgin Winds Villa resort in Dapoli and Devgandhar Bungalow resort in Panchgani.

Would you like to experience the ethnicity of Konkani life in an eco-friendly cottage? Then drive down to Chira Meadows Eco resort in Dapoli. You can enjoy living above sea level and you will also have an access to multiple beaches if you wish to roam around. You want to stay at a place that is a stone’s throw from the sea? Then come and nestle in Virgin Winds Villa resort in Dapoli. Experience luxury and comfort in a green and picturesque surrounding. You can also visit Devgandhar, our Bungalow resort in Panchgani.

You are sure to meet warm hospitality, experience consistent standards of hygiene and gorge on delicious food in each one of our resorts.We manage our resorts with utmost vigilance and each one of our guests is of prime importance to us. We are sure you will enjoy if not fall in love with the homogeneity in our resorts.

So come along with your family, friends, colleagues and even your dear pets and get drenched in the showers of our hospitality.