Love at first sight, site for the loved ones!

Posted By IntDomResorts on Feb 13, 2020

Love at first sight, site for the loved ones!

Celebrate love by escaping to mountains in picturesque surroundings of Mahabaleshwar.

best luxury resorts in Mahabaleshwar!

To take that up to one notch, it’s one of the best luxury resorts in Mahabaleshwar!

Feet-Up holidays offer you a peaceful and yet enthusiastic vacation in Mahabaleshwar, with our clean and soothing-to-the-eyes decor of resort.
What can be a better way, than to share a lovely moments in our Shambhalah resort-one of the best luxury resorts in Mahabaleshwar? Spend a Short holiday break with fun-filled activities and joys, which crisp mountain air brings.

Create a series of memorable moments of the breathtaking beauty of a valley surrounded with clouds. Click selfies and capture the beauty to your heart’s content as our one-of-a-kind Shambhalah resort will give you enough vantage points to sit in nature’s lap.

Spend your dream night in the silent, lovely warm tent and cottages with safe and yet adventure-filled points created especially for you. Gaze into starts with your loved ones or spend the night in the tent with a game of cards, up to you! We also have one separate villa with private pool.

Get splashed up in the pool, and don’t forget to push your partner in too! With our spacious pool facility for all, you can enjoy the vacation with complete peace of mind!

Feet up Holidays take pride in putting you at the centre of everything we do. That is why we have till date zero complaints about any of our 6 professionally managed resorts.

We offer high quality, safe and enjoyable stays for family, couples and groups. So your search for the best resort in Mahabaleshwar with family ends here!. Our resort managers are trained to handle all your needs with a smile on their face. With our super clean kitchen and neatly maintained rooms, you will find your stay comfortable, clean and soothing. Please feel free to go through the photos uploaded by our guests, located in the “gallery” section of our website.

Preserving natural beauty is what makes us different.

All our resorts are in nature which we further and we work to maintain their natural beauty. This makes feet-up holiday managed resorts unique.

If you love wandering in natural habitat, our experts can give a guided tour to you, where you are free to get up early and enjoy the quaint beauty of a mountain trail. With Feet up Holidays, you need not worry about satisfying your hobbies or cravings. With delicious and freshly made food, you will get mouth-watering dishes to eat, spend the timeless moment of bonding with your loved ones.

From the moment you enter in the resort, facing the valley.

So, let’s Shambhalah resort be your love short holiday break getaway and Create memories with feet-up holidays resorts and make it your best stay in Mahabaleshwar.