Posted By IntDomResorts on Dec 10, 2019


Shambhalah resort

What if I told you that you could enjoy a peaceful yet fun-filled vacation at a reasonable price in one of the most popular holiday locations around?

You’d probably think that this offer sounds too good to be true.

But Feet-Up Holidays promises to make you a believer, by way of visiting our Shambhalah resort. Positioned perfectly atop a vantage point from where you can admire the scenic valley and awe-inspiring mountain cliffs, this one-of-a-kind resort will ensure that you will find this place as breathtaking as the previous enthralled guests did.

Ever dreamed about spending the night in a plush tent, with only forest fauna and melodious birds keeping you company? We can make that happen, with our impressive ( if we do say so ourselves ) array of quaint little cottages that look like they belong in a Disney movie, plush tents for all you campers who love the wildlife, but also love watching from a comfy cubby hole; and more modern accommodation as well.

Or perhaps a lovely dip in a plunge pool? Or maybe something as gastronomical as our onsite restaurant, serving a scrumptious spread of amazing cuisine for all those foodies out there. And if you thought it would be just another droll restaurant, think again! Our eatery is crafted out of one of Mother Nature’s gifts, bamboo!

Our resorts are certainly the pinnacle of resorts and retreats, as you get to experience luxurious and comfortable amenities along with the evergreen loveliness of nature. And for you tree-huggers out there, worry not! All of our resorts and retreats are eco-friendly and we also strive to strike that harmonious balance of incorporating natural elements along with man-made ones.

We get it, luxury resorts around the world can get quite pricey, and that makes you hover over the computer mouse, hesitating to book that stay for fear that it will quickly deplete your bank account. Worry not, that thought is the one we had in mind when we launched this eco-friendly luxury retreat, specifically designed to ensure that you have an enjoyable, rejuvenating vacation without breaking the bank.

We’ve got a terrific plunge pool for all you water babies, and for any business travelers, our conference room is ready to just plug and play.

So if you’re searching for a pocket-friendly vacation without sacrificing comfort and luxury, look no further than our Shambhalah resort.