Missing your short breaks? We miss you too!

Posted By IntDomResorts on Jul 1, 2020

Missing your short breaks? We miss you too!

We know these times are tough, your safety comes first.

Bench FUH

We know it is important to keep social distancing. At Feet up Holidays, we have been sanitising our resorts on a regular basis as a part of our routine operations since 3 years.

With 3 months of lockdown and working from home, it is quite natural to feel the strain. Do you know that continuous video calling needs more efforts than a physical meeting? With so much increase in workload, stress from online meetings and not to mention extra cleaning needed, you would be missing the well-deserved break.

Feet up Holidays is always  ready to serve  you, here you can feel safe to take out your own car .Most of our resorts are placed on a 2 or 3 hours drive from main cities so you can safely drive  and reach us without worrying.

Our staff is very much stationed at the resorts. Due to which all our resorts are maintained daily. Which is our standard operating procedure.

With acres and acres of free space, social distancing is natural in our resorts. Since all our resorts are situated outside city areas, the places are huge , we keep them  clean and hygienic. Relax your mind and body in a soothing place surrounded by nature. Enjoy the modern amenities like wifi access / TV etc but still remote enough so you experience and feel this nature.

If you are looking for weekend getaways near pune then our resorts are a perfectly safe place . Also,when you are looking for a one day stay picnic spot near pune, you can just decide in the morning, give us a call and get in the car to be here!

Fancy escaping to a private beach with privacy and safety? Then our beach side resorts in dapoli are isolated enough and yet connected enough so that you can reach them from a private 4 wheeler. Take a zoom break and give the WFH (work from home) a new meaning by working from the relaxing beach side pool!

Want to fly to the mountains? Our resorts are one of the best resorts in mahabaleshwar, where you can enjoy the cozy night tents or spacious bungalows perched on the tip of the valley! A vacation that rejuvenates you so you can actually do better.

By the way, do you know that in world war 2, when London was fighting with Germany, Winston Churchill actually ensured that top officers in the government take a 4 days vacation so that they can come back with maximum efficiency?

With a dedicated staff on the resort and 24 x 7 clean premises, you can be rest assured that your safety is our top priority. So take time to unwind yourself and get yourself a well-deserved vacation.

With our bungalow in panchgani, you can enjoy the rainfall that flows from the mountain, sprinkling joy and splashing the precious water on the entire landscape.

We at Feetup Holidays are clear that your safety is our top priority so whenever you get the time and feel safe to travel, only then contact us. Our team will be more than happy to help you!

So call us to book a relaxing, unwinding vacation which can boost your mind as well as your body. Take care, stay safe, and stay healthy!