Enjoy your monsoon break with US!

Posted By IntDomResorts on Jun 26, 2017

Enjoy your monsoon break with US!


When it rains….it pours! To experience this adage come to our resorts at Dapoli or Panchgani this monsoon!

The rains have just begun and I am sure the rejuvenating aroma of the water droplets on the earth must have already started mesmerising the wanderer within you. Time to pack up and drive down to Dapoli….it is just about 260 km from Mumbai; as you drive down your heart is sure to leap up with joy as waterfalls run down the bountiful hills. The landscape embellished with an array of colours flaunting Nature’s plenteousness will take your breath away promising you the best-ever monsoon getaway!

As you reach Dapoli you are sure to be enraptured by the countless shades of green in the opulent foliage that surrounds our resort. Rain lovers who have grabbed this monsoon break in order to enjoy getting drenched must visit the sea while it is raining hard! What an enthralling experience it is to dip your ankles in the sea water while the rain pours out its heart! Now if you suspect that this kind of an adventure will jeopardise your safety, be rest assured! The Kolthare beach is one of the safest beaches; so dip your ankles in the ocean water while the wild rain overhead soaks you profusely! When you return to the smell of ‘kanda bhaji’ wafting out of the kitchenette you can sit back and watch the sheets of rain pouring down relentlessly as you fall in tune with Nature’s rhythm!

Now, if you take a short monsoon break  to visit Panchgani you shall see a different kind of landscape. Visiting Panchgani, nestled amidst the five hills of the Sahyadri mountain ranges, in the monsoon, is a fantastic idea of spending a long weekend. What can be more refreshing than an outing in the rains among lush green mountains and overwhelming waterfalls? Experience the chillness in the air that sets just the right mood for an exciting monsoon getaway! If you wish to enjoy the endless rains, the mystic waterfalls and the misty weather Panchgani is definitely your calling this monsoon!