Posted By IntDomResorts on Dec 10, 2019


Holidays. That blessed time of year wherein one and all put books and brooms away, lock up houses and homes and eagerly set out on a long awaited vacation.
Pictures of sandy beaches, clear skies and azure waters dance entrancingly in our line of vision. Plates of tantalizingly sweet fruits, cut and arranged
into creative designs, perhaps a mojito or two, with a tiny umbrella and a buffet of scrumptious desserts and delights.
If you haven’t yet found the perfect destination, look no further than Feet-Up Holidays resorts in Pune.

First off, let us introduce you to our Feet-Up Sahayadri retreat.
Located on the outskirts of the vibrant, bustling city of Pune, lies the scenic Mulshi and Girivan. The Sahayadri resort boasts of an air of unmatched tranquility, lush fields of emerald green grass and tall majestic trees serving as a picturesque backdrop to the retreat.
The Sahayadri retreat is spread out over an area of three acres and situated at a higher altitude than Lonavala, with plenty of space for visitors and guests of varied interests and itineraries. Featuring regular amenities such as a large parking lot, conference hall and a backup generator, this retreat also caters to the young and young at heart crowd more inclined to like the Rain Dance, Indoor and Outdoor Games arcades and an elegant gazebo. And if you’re someone who feels most at home in water, you won’t want to miss our newest amenity, a magnificent Infinity pool. This pool was created with the idea to make the creativity of man-made inventions with the stunning allure of nature. Luxuriating for a delightfully lazy time in this pool seems like a perfect way to spend the day, don’t you think?

Right after that, we’d like to tell you about our Feet-Up Bougainvillea resort located in rustic Bhor.
Nestled cozily in a valley ringed by imposing mountains and spanning across an area of two acres, this resort proudly shows off a sophisticated veranda in each villa, a perfect little nook to curl up on and immerse yourself in a good book, preferably accompanied by a steaming mug of coffee.
The cheerful and homely atmosphere of the villas will surely win you over and if that doesn’t, the fresh green foliage definitely will.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Feet-Up Casurina resort. Also located in Bhor, this unique resort is flanked by swirling waters and towering mountains.
What makes this resort so special is the fact that the accommodation options include Bamboo cabins, fuss-free tents and sprawling bungalows.
Just like all of Feet-Up Holidays properties, this resorts has all the necessary amenities, from a backup invertor to efficient security measures.

Feet-Up strives for excellency. But don’t take our word for it, pay a visit to our properties and judge for yourself.