Why Feet-up Holidays?

Posted By IntDomResorts on May 5, 2017

Why Feet-up Holidays was born?

Each one of us is born with a little gypsy in our hearts. In the midst of life we tend to lose touch with this little wanderer within us. Feet Up Holidays was born with the very intention of materializing our need to relax and enjoy at shorter intervals. We, at Feet Up Holidays, wish to make holidays a part of life. You needn’t wait for a long time to enjoy or relax in some exotic place that is also hard on the pocket. Feet Up Holidays gives you enjoyable holidaying options at destinations closer to your home. So make your summer vacation special. Surprise your family with an idea of a short get away or plan a sojourn with a larger group of family and family friends.
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What makes holidaying with Feet Up Holidays so special?

Well, many things actually. But the most important one is the fact that the team of hosts at Feet Up Holidays is an enthusiastic bunch of people whose passion is holidaying! As they pursue their passion of treading upon untrodden paths to discover charismatic locations that are neither famous nor listed they wish to extend their joyful experience to #holiday lovers. So imagine the fun you are going to have when your hosts themselves are gypsies at heart!! Feet Up Holidays promise you and your family boundless enjoyment and relaxation, making your summer vacation a personalized experience.

If you are to put your feet up, relax and enjoy we need to take your holiday seriously…:At Feet Up Holidays you are sure to find that we take your holiday seriously so that your tiniest need and that of your family is catered for. Each of our resorts is managed personally by people with an extensive experience and knowledge in the Resort Industry. Our hospitable staff will make you feel at-home and take care of all your requirements so that you can relax and enjoy yourself without hassles. We proudly boast of being best in Class Hygiene and Cleanliness. Once we promise you enjoyment and relaxation we go beyond the usual limits to fulfill our promise. We believe in personalization over commercialism. Thus we sensitively cater to people with special needs like very young children, silver citizens and physically challenged people. We also extend our care and hospitality to your pets!

Feet Up Holidays is a flexible concept. It is an ideal place to enjoy some tranquility with your family. It is also the best destination to have a blast with a larger group of family and friends in the ‘More the merrier’ style.

So if you are looking for relief from work and your kids want to enjoy their summer vacation

Feet Up Holidays is definitely your destination!!

We offer completely automated on-line booking.

So get ready with your friends or family for the truly Feet up experience….


Have a summer vacation of its kind!