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Feet Up Virgin Winds Reviews

Posted By IntDomResorts on May 11, 2017

Virgin Winds Reviews

A Dreamy Stay In Dapoli

Amaranth- (Murud-Dapoli) Konkan Quaint villages dotted along winding roads. Fresh air, tinted with the scent of saltwater and coconut. Modern luxury and old-fashioned elegance blend into a wondrous creation, namely our Amaranth resort, located a stone's...

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Mahabaleshwar Shambhalah resort What if I told you that you could enjoy a peaceful yet fun-filled vacation at a reasonable price in one of the most popular holiday locations around? You'd probably think that this offer sounds too good to be true. But...

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Pune Holidays. That blessed time of year wherein one and all put books and brooms away, lock up houses and homes and eagerly set out on a long awaited vacation. Pictures of sandy beaches, clear skies and azure waters dance entrancingly in our line of vision. Plates of...

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Review by our guest Sanjay Tambe stayed on 26 December’ 2018

मी संजय तांबे. आम्ही 27 जणांचा ग्रुप 25 आणि 26 डिसेंबर ला सह्याद्री रिट्रीट ला जाऊन आलो. व्यवस्था अगदी चोख होती. ग्रुप मध्ये सिंगापूर आणि ऑस्ट्रियाहून आलेले पाहुणे

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