A Wish-granting Bungalow Resort At Panchgani

Posted By IntDomResorts on Jul 24, 2017

A Wish-granting Bungalow Resort at Panchgani

The monsoon has showered much relief upon the Earth, clothing it in different hues of green. A seventeen seater bus drives on carrying a group of around fifteen odd well-bonded buddies joyfully creating a cacophony while playing ‘antakshari; disregarding the din, the composed driver, keeps driving down the ghats on the most beautiful road embellished with waterfalls. The bus comes to a halt. The sprightly group of holidaymakers out on a monsoon break find themselves in an enchanted land. As they alight they are welcomed by floating clouds. Amidst the clouds is a fairy-castle. The vacationers are spell-bound. The enchanted land is Panchgani and the fairy-castle is the scenic bungalow resort: Devgandhar!

Devgandhar is one of the properties managed by Feet Up Holidays. It is an enchanting bungalow resort embedded among lush green foliage with luxurious indoor as well as outdoor space around it. It is just the place to unwind on a showery week-end with your family, friends or colleagues. The spacious bungalow with five bedrooms and a huge living room can host around 30 guests at a time. The fully equipped conference room Devgandhar boasts of makes it an ideal place for a corporate event. In fact Devgandhar has the environment that would complement training sessions and M.I.C.E motivating colleagues to actively participate in Team-building activities. Now if an alumni reunion is on your mind Devgandhar is just the location for you to convene and plunge yourself into nostalgia while the landscape around you adds to your mood, reviving fond memories.

The bungalow resort with all its splendour also makes an apt destination for a recreation getaway. Devgandhar has the environment that inspires creativity. It has the tranquility that is needed for yoga or meditation. So if you want to plan a Recreation Getaway for art, yoga, pranayama or meditation Devgandhar is the place you are looking for. Devgandhar has the serenity adults yearn for; it has the fun element that kids love; to make a long story short this bungalow resort in Panchgani has something for each one of us!